Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've been meaning to try out Sue B's padfolio tutorial - I adapted it to make this very small one to use as a raffle prize at the local WI meeting.

(click on photo for bigger image)

The fabric I used is a piece of dyed muslin from the reject bin. I needlepunched it to a pink washing up cloth to give it a bit of texture and machine stitched over it with a decorative stitch to break up the pattern.

Because this was so small, it takes a 5/3 inch notepad, instead of making the folding pieces separately I just zigzagged along the fold line and pressed it lightly to crease it.

I finished it off with a machine wrapped cord.

Here's a picture of the inside, showing the pockets. The lining is a scrap of printed glazed cotton.

(click on photo for bigger image)

You can find Sue B's tutorial on her blog, here:

  • Sue Bleiweiss

    Purple Missus said...

    Very nice interpretation. Whats the betting you get hooked on these now? They are so simple to make and yet so effective.

    arlee said...

    I LOVE your version! I wondered about the step of zz each piece together and decided to do it as a "whole" also--great minds think alike!

    Sue B said...


    corina said...

    I love it! Elegant and well done!

    Sonji Hunt said...

    Delightful! What a wonderful prize.

    Waltraud said...

    Very nice, a very good idea.

    Dianne said...

    Love it - it's so pretty!!

    Emmy said...

    yes this is so pretty