Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A question for the 'American Cousins'

Our local branch of the WI has a meeting on 4th July, so an 'American Supper' is being planned. Is there anything special or traditional that you eat, drink or do on that we could include?


elizabethdee said...

Ooh, finally a question I am qualified to answer!

But of course you will be sorry that you asked. On the 4th we generally have a barbecue -- think hamburgers or, worse, hot dogs -- with such condiments as catsup or mustard or picallily. We would never dream of 4th of July without CORN ON THE COB -- can you even get ears of corn? For dessert, fruit pies, especially cherry or blueberry. But you do not have to follow a script. The only meal that is nationally scripted is Thanksgiving. The basic tradition on July 4 is fireworks, and I imagine your conversation will amply provide that.

I love the work you've been doing, and I hope your recovery is by now complete.

Elizabeth said...

Our family's traditional meal for the 4th is at noon. Supper is leftovers and ranges from deviled eggs, potato salad, pickles, barbecued meat, watermelon, iced tea and lemonade. I'm sure that others could offer a number of other things to the list. Oops, while I was posting this Elizabeth D just jumped in here. I agree with her list too especially the corn on the cob!

jane said...

I think they just about covered it. Except for making a churn of homemade ice cream!