Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fabric Postcard progress

Overstitching finished. I got carried away and started beading before I took the photograph to show the unstitched letters. They stand out more than I thought they would.

Here, I've beaded the 'H', following the pattern on the printed chiffon. I'm tempted to bead the other letters, then zap it with a heat tool, but maybe I'll try that later on some scraps (the bits from the ones that went wrong!). Next, I have to put it onto a backing and finish the edge.

(Click on photos for bigger images)


Barb said...

This is all rather new for me. What is atop the chiffon? A netting? I would think chiffon would be difficult to work with. Did you fuse it on the pellon, and then start sewing?

kay susan said...

No, I just stuck a couple of pins in to hold it while I stitched the grid.