Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bit more fly fiddling and some crowning glory - Week 2

I really like the effect of raised stitches, so I've had a go here at a raised fly variation, with a bit of 'point' converging on a straight line in the centre.

(click on photo for bigger image)

Going from right to left:

First row: raised fly in lurex ribbon.
Second row: raised fly in coloured tubular knitting ribbon.
Third row: two lines of raised fly in tubular knitting ribbon.
Fourth row: raised feather stitch in tubular knitting ribbon.
In the centre: feather stitch 'sprays' with stem in two lines of stem stitch.
Last row: closely worked lines of raised fly stitch in perle cotton.
Worked on evenweave linen.

I like the raised fly and feather stitch in the knitting ribbon - I can see that being used as decoration on a fine knit sweater or similar. I know which stitch it is as I'm doing it, but sometimes when I look at it afterwards, I'm not sure if I've done fly or feather!

This is mostly crown stitch:

(click on photo for bigger image)

Across the top: crown stitch variation worked as a border with bead stitch

First row: crown stitch worked as a filling and crown stitch combined with reversed fly and moss stitch

Second row: crown stitch combined with knotted cross, square boss and french knots

Third and fourth rows: reversed crown stitch

Down the left hand side: small single stitches worked in different directions

Down the right hand side, reversed fly stitch. Crown stitch worked with a fly stitch, then another interlaced stitch to form the two 'bottom arms'. I prefer this way of working the stitch. I think the interlacing looks neater than the large needle hole formed by working three times into the same hole.

All done in crochet cotton and tapestry wool.

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Anonymous said...

Kay, I always think and learn just by looking at what you've been doing. I love the texture in the orange ground used for the crown stitches.