Monday, November 13, 2006

Still joggling - continuing with Week 1

Two happy children clutching paper puppets with pipecleaner hair and pots of 'farty putty' were delivered back to their rested and much more relaxed Mum and Dad by two exhausted grandparents. Ah well, that's what its all about.

And then I did some stitching!

I have divided my long strip of linen into equal sections, each 5" x 4", just a little smaller than a postcard. I doubt if I can be disciplined enough to work each section to correspond with one week of the class! I have 9 sections to fill.

Here I have used a more restricted colour palette, taking out the orange, yellow and turquoise, making for a much more subdued section. I really do prefer the bolder colour combinations.

This is mostly feather stitch:

The first row is running stitch, worked over two lines instead of one, taking the needle and thread to the back on the first pass, and to the front on the second. Worked in perle cotton.

The second row is another guilloche stitch variation, two parallel rows of running stitch, interlaced. Embellished with running stitch and french knots. All worked in perle cotton.

The third row is two lines of alternate running stitch interlaced, embellished with french knots. All worked in tapestry wool.

The fourth row is one line of feather stitch, with another line worked on the top, stitching inside the first line. The small gaps left filled in with straight stitch. All worked in tapestry wool.

The fifth row, back to back feather stitch in perle cotton and french knots in tapestry wool.

The sixth row, back to back feather stitch used as a filling. Added cross stitches. All in perle cotton.

I am enjoying this class. It makes a nice change from all the splashing, slashing, soldering and sewing machining. Its very relaxing to sit down and do some traditional stitches. My only problem is going to be knowing when to leave one lesson and start on the next!

(click on photo for bigger image)


Anonymous said...

Kay Susan,
I think I'm becoming a groupie! Your work is just beautiful. I would look at it all day, except that it also makes me want to pick up my needle and work on my skills.

kay susan said...

Thank you Elizabeth!