Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joggling along in Chains - Week 3

I'm quite taken now, with doing a sampler in just one stitch. This one is in plain old chain stitch. I've used it as 'point', pattern, lines and blocks of lines.

(Click on photo for bigger image)

I've used different weights of thread, flower thread, stranded cotton, perle cotton and tapestry wool. The fabric is plain dyed skirt weight polyester, I once bought a bag of these bits from a remnant stall and I find them useful for experiments and samples.


Anonymous said...

Kay, beautiful contrasts with thread weights. The dark background shows the textures up so well. Couching the tan wool with white tread looks interesting -- both horizontally and vertically. Wow, I really like this!

Marty52 said...

I love this... beautiful!