Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Single stitches - Lesson 2

Still in Lesson 2, trying out some single stitches:

(click on photo for bigger image)

These can all be used singly for emphasis, or grouped together or in combination with other stitches to make patterns or fills. Threads are perle cotton and flower thread and the fabric is Aida.


isay said...

nice single stitches. I like the color of the thread.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loveones.

Susan said...

I know it's a sampler, but it's really quite artistic. I love the moss stitch. It's one I've been thinking of trying out on a seam. Or more probably, off a seam. =)

Sylvie L. said...

it's I very good idea, this funny stitches.

I like your blog, and I often read it.

I don't speak english correctly .... so I don't dare to write ..........

amicalement, de France

Brenda L. Minor said...

I love it.... A sampler done in my favorite color! Lol.... I had not thought of doing that myself! I love purple! Great stitches. The 3rd row from the left reminds me of the Basque Knot....But that middle thread is kind of throwing me off a little. The technique I just learned only has the top line and the bottom line and middle knot... Is this the same stitch, but a different variation of it? Just wondering.... I also like the stitches done at the bottom of the first two lines (left side)... They kinda look like bows to me. Well done.... Brenda M.