Saturday, November 18, 2006

Post as You Go Paisley

I've made a bit more progress on the paisley panel. I have started to fill in another of the sections:

The idea is to have several postcard samples filled in different methods or stitch combinations, but linked together.

Here's the closeup:

(click on photos for bigger image)

Here I've got circles or spots in radiating straight stitch in the top left. In the opposite corner, padded satin, french knots, fly and woven spider web. The motif in the top left hand corner is filled with seeding stitches. The motif in the bottom right hand corner is filled with lines of small running stitch. Both motifs are outlined with buttonhole stitch embellished with French knots.

The spots and circles fit in nicely with Week 2 in Sharon's Personal Stitch Library class, that talks about using POINT in design. I've also used small straight stitches in different ways as both seeding and running stitch and I have used french knots to emphasis the spikyness of the buttonhole stitch.

You can find out about Sharon's On-line Joggles Class here:


emmyschoonbeek said...

great desing looks like a great class

Conni said...

You did all this beautiful work AND made mince pies???

kay susan said...

Not at the same time, but even so I wasn't concentrating. I had made up pastry mix and crumble mix and put them in fridge - guess what I made the sausage rolls with!!!???

Joanna van said...

I think I must sign up for this class next time it is offered! Beautiful work! Are you going to do anything special with it?