Friday, November 24, 2006

Joggling Along - Sampler for Week 2

Latest section completed for the long sampler. This has been going along at the same time as the experiments:

(click on photo for bigger image)

First Row: Two rows of stem stitch in tapestry wool. Fly stitch in perle cotton. French knots in perle cotton.
Second Row: Two lines of fly stitch, the bottom row reversed. Two more lines worked between, the other way up. All in tapestry wool. Two more lines worked between in knitting ribbon. Line of looped stitches worked through the middle to cover the gap. French knots in perle cotton used to fill gaps between fly stitches. Didn't like the line across the middle. Added beads and threaded with tapestry wool in a guilloche stitch variation, tied with contrasting colour and added French knots.
Third Row: Raised fly stitch using knitting ribbon for foundation stitches and perle cotton for fly.
Fourth Row: Fly stitch in knitting ribbon.
Fifth Row: French knots in different weights of thread. Stainless steel washers, small ones applied with buttonhole stitch and glass bead added to fill centre, large one applied with plaited fly stitch. The fluffy stitch in the centre of the large washer was a happy accident. I wasn't happy with what I had done and snipped the stitches to pull it out. I liked the textured look and applied the washer over the top.

Rows separated by stem stitch to match the other sections.

The bottom row was inspired by a TV item about comets and the weekend meteor shower that we were unable to see because of the clouds here! The big washer is the head of the comet and the smaller ones its tail. I tried to use the colours and tones of the French knots and the stitches applying the washers to bring the big washer forwards and take the smaller ones back. (Stronger, warmer colours advance, paler cooler colours recede.)

This is what the whole sampler looks like so far:

(click on photo for bigger image)


Anonymous said...

Your newest work is so beautiful that it leaves me gaping in admiration. You outdo yourself each time.

Somehow I didn't realize you were creating one long sampler. Now your design skills reveal even greater depths. It's such a pleasure to visit your blog.

Conni said...

Amazing work - as always!

Susan said...

What a really great way to do your sampler! It will make a wonderful wall hanging when you are finished, too. =)

Susan said...
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Jo in NZ said...

I just love your whole sampler Kay, and I love that you are not afraid of colour...which I am. A truly stunning piece. Please be sure to post a nice big pic at the end of class so I can use for as my wallpaper.