Friday, June 24, 2005


dragonfly Posted by Hello

Liz, over at Dreaming Spirals: has been posting some design work on dragonflies, culminating in a super bead box. Liz, did you know they can fly at 40 miles per hour and one of their old names was 'devils darning needle' because country folk thought they would fly right in your ear?!

I was prompted to get out my own dragonfly effort.

This is handmade felt - silk tops for the wings and dyed merino for the rest, except for the blue which is a silk and linen mix. Details are outlined with free ME and running stitch is added for the 'landscape' details.


Maggie Ann said...

What lovely work and the colors are so pretty. Dragonflies are so hard to enjoy because they are so quick, no wondor, flying at 40 miles an hour. What is handmade felt? Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. I love to go surfing around needlework blogs and enjoy the work of others. Its inspiring to say the least = ).

kay susan said...

Hi Maggie Ann. Handmade felt - its just fibres pounded togehter in hot water with some detergent until they knit together - at least that's how I make it, but then I'm VERY basic! Thank you for the nice comments.

ginger said...

look what you did!!! this guy is beautiful and what a wonderful combination of ingredients...Ginger

Robin said...

Kay, Lovely felt work! I LOVE felt, but have so far only done knitted felt and made a few attempts at some needle felt. I just love the look. Your Dragonfly is gorgeous! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog

Jenni said...

Oh no, another thing to try...felting! Your dragonfly is wonderful. I just love the soft melty colors and all the detail.

Liz said...

Just seen your comment about my dragonflies .... yours is luscious! We saw some gorgeous dragonflies in Norfolk this summer - rare brown ones which only appear there apparently, and the more common blue ones.