Sunday, June 26, 2005

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I didn't use a pattern for this apron. (I didn't HAVE a pattern!). Its made from a rectangle of canvas. I put in two 'princess seams' to give it a bit of shape and cut the top corners off to make the 'bib'. The pocket is two pieces of Laura Ashley fabric circa 1980. The appliques are also Laura Ashley fabrics, except for the yo-yos (here we call them Suffolk puffs). I zigzagged them on first, then embellished with mostly buttonhole stitch in stranded cotton. I have to admit, I didn't plan properly and by the time I had decided to put the appliques on, I had already stitched the bottom edge of the pocket to the apron, so it got really fiddly. As my gran used to say 'my head will never save my legs'.

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Maggie Ann said...

Those yo-yos are so pretty!